Cone Crystal with Cluster- made with Swarovski ® crystals Retha Designs

Cone Crystal with Cluster- made with Swarovski ® crystals



Cone Crystal with Cluster- made with Swarovski ® crystals

Asymmetrical Cone Crystal with Cluster- made with Swarovski ® crystals. It is a 10cm Swarovski ® cone shaped crystal topped with a stack of 16mm and 18mm Clear crystals. The asymmetric design of the prism gives beautiful shafts of light of varying sizes when compared to a more symmetrical design. There are also rainbow reflections visible within the prism itself as well as those scattered around the room it is hanging in.

We love to make custom pieces. So if you have a special colour combination or a special occasion coming up that you’d like something different for, contact us and we can make something special just for you!

The suncatcher comes packed in a box with shredded tissue paper.

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Products used in making the sun catcher

All the crystals used in creating our sun catchers are Swarovski®. The pendant and octagons are from the Swarovski Strass® range which is the premium crystal lighting line by Swarovski. To provide the assurance of original quality, these components carry a laser-engraved Quality Signature*. Thus, making them easily identified as Swarovski.

*Swarovski Strass ® lighting crystals only. Clear crystal 12mm and above, coloured crystal 18mm and above. No signature with the colours Bordeaux, Jet, Emerald and Artic White.

We use flexible 49-strand, Satin Silver nylon-coated stainless steel wire, which is soft to the touch but very strong and durable, and sterling silver crimps.

Handcrafted in Ireland